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Make It Work tours the world to meet pioneer companies that work differently  


One bright day, we got to wonder if it was possible to work differently and if companies, other than the classical, hierarchical ones that we knew, existed...

This quest was motivated by several questions: why don't we seem to enjoy current and mainstream organizations? Engagement at work is low and the question of purpose is becoming crucial : shouldn't we be questioning the way we work?

So, we decided to go on a mission to meet companies that work (sorry for the pun) with different rules and have a clear purpose. Those that are crazy enough to rethink what we know to be true about organizations. Those that put trust, responsibility and freedom as their core principles. Those that imagine something beyond pyramidal and rigid structures.

We mean, organizations that are really attractive.


 Our goal  with Make it Work? Show that these companies exist and explain how they work.

The "Future Of Work" term is omnipresent these days. A buzzword filled with big promises and... let's face it: a bit of bullshit. We go beyond theory and shine a light on real-life examples of pioneers who rethink and reinvent organizations by meeting all of those who work for them.

It's time we gave pioneer companies the voice they deserve!

Utopists you say? 

We'll see!

In any case, welcome to make it work







Change in our itinerary:
In March 2020, due to the COVID-19, we came back to France. 
The project is still on.
We will be in The Netherlands,
Germany and Sweden this Summer!
July 2020

Where are we going? 

The Make it Work adventure started in September 2019 in Paris, France, where we met with 65+ changemakers. We are now in Brazil!


From February 2020 to July 2020 we are taking the project worldwide to meet more than 150 people, enrich our examples and show that working differently is possible :

  • Brazil

  • United-States

  • Canada

  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • Singapore

Who are we?

Iseult (on the left) and Juliette (on the right)

Two business school students from ESCP and HEC School of Management. 

We decided to take a gap year before our final Masters to explore the Future Of Work!

We were tired to hear about "the Future Of Work" without really knowing what it entails in real life, so, we decided to go and find out on our own...


changemakers met in France


immersions in pioneer companies


hours spent talking about the future of the world (of work)

Chiffres clés : 

What's in store:

In very concrete terms : we will visit pioneer companies from a (structure, management, culture) for one or two days  to explain how they work.

We will then share it with you through :


short and snappy videos

mini articles

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