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Meet the pioneers : DOBRA #1 "My CEO is a dog"

Company ID

Name: Dobra

Country: Brazil

Size: 18

Industry: Fashion/Textile

Since: 2016

Value Proposition: Brand that sells wallets, bags and shoes made with a recyclable material

The headquarters are located in the far south of Brazil, near Porto Alegre in a sweet town called Montenegro, where most of the team is from.


If you are looking for some inspiration, Dobra is the place to look at!


Watch and learn what it means to:

🤟🏻 work at an organization with no bosses/no managers

🌞 be engaged and motivated to go to work. And why. (Spoiler alert : it’s not just about the money or increasing their sales)

❤️ work at a purpose driven organization

They also share their take on what the company of the future should look like.


👇🏼 Look at their interview by clicking on the picture below:

Watch on Linkedin or Facebook

For the old-school type, you can watch it on Youtube




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