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Meet the pioneers: DOBRA #2 "They don't work like you"

Company ID

Name: Dobra

Country: Brazil

Size: 18

Industry: Fashion/Textile

Since: 2016

Value Proposition: Brand that sells wallets, bags and shoes made with a recyclable material

The headquarters are located in the far south of Brazil, near Porto Alegre in a sweet town called Montenegro, where most of the team is from.


👀 Watch to understand:

👩‍🎤 Why you should be yourself at work and why creating a good vibe matters

🤑 Their controversial salary model aligned with the fact that they don’t have a CEO

🌟 Creating a company that is about more than just selling a product

👌An organizational structure without useless levels of hierarchy


👇🏼 Look at their interview by clicking on the picture below:

Watch on Linkedin and Instagram.

For the old-school type, you can watch it on Youtube

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