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Meet the pioneers: DOBRA #3 "Leaving everything to join your dream company"

Company ID

Name: Dobra

Country: Brazil

Size: 18

Industry: Fashion/Textile

Since: 2016

Value Proposition: Brand that sells wallets, bags and shoes made with a recyclable material

The headquarters are located in the far south of Brazil, near Porto Alegre in a sweet town called Montenegro, where most of the team is from.


When we met the team of Dobra we were particularly struck by the story of Alcides. He left his life in São Paulo to come work in a small town for Dobra. We loved his story!

He came to Dobra to structure the company and implement agile methodologies.

Watch his interview to understand:

📝 why implementing rules is not a bad thing

🎭 why there is a blurry line between work and life at Dobra

🐕 what coming to an organization with no CEO entails

🤙 what an agile coach does in an organization that has a “natural way of working”


👇🏼 Look at hiw interview by clicking on the picture below:

Watch on Linkedin and Instagram.



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